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Ultragraft™ Hair Restoration

In the hair replacement industry, Ultragraft™ Process is an entirely new innovation in the non-surgical hair restoration. The new technology known, as "The Breakthrough of the Century" is the only proven non-surgical hair graft that virtually becomes a part of you.

What is the Ultragraft™ Process?

Ultragraft™ is a non-invasive process in which a special skin-like material is created to the exact size and shape of your thinning or balding area. Individual hairs, exactly matched to your own in color and texture, will be implanted with the direction and style of your choice. The Ultragraft™ Process is then applied directly to your scalp creating a seamless transition between your growing hair and the hair that has been reconstructed. Ultragraft™ Process is undetectable both visually and to the probing touch, allowing you to feel only hair and scalp.

How is the Ultragraft™ Process secured?

One of the key elements of the Ultragraft™ technology lies in the development of a medical-grade adherent, which is specifically approved by the FDA for direct skin contact. The adhesive is applied to the scalp. The graft is then applied directly to your scalp fusing the graft to the hygienically prepared surface. Since the graft virtually becomes a part of you, there is NO DAILY MAINTENANCE. This creates the effect of hair growing right from your scalp even upon the closest inspection. There is no physical sensation of any kind on the scalp other than hair.

How Do I Maintain My Ultragraft™ Process?

You do nothing different than if you had your own head of hair. Clients that belong to a fitness center can shower in the public facilities and no one would notice anything out of the ordinary. You shampoo and condition your hair like you normally would. You can either towel dry, comb into place and let your hair dry naturally or blow dry. You can also use gels to give you the wet look all day. The choice is now yours and you can change your style from casual to formal with a few styling techniques. I know this may sound too easy, but it really is this simple. If you would like to talk to one of our existing clients please call us for a referral name. Many of our clients would be more than happy to share their experience with you.

How Does Ultragraft™ Process compare to other systems?

Hair systems do not become a part of you, like the Ultragraft™ Process but merely worn on top of your head either bonded or woven to your existing hair. This produces bumps, ridges, and seams that are detectable to the touch. Typically the use of two-sided adhesive tape is required to hold the front of the hairpiece to the forehead. This tape must be frequently changed, making hair systems unpopular to those who desire a hassle-free and undetectable result. You have none of this with the Ultragraft™ Process. Most hair systems are attached to the healthy growing hair surrounding the balding area. As client's hair grows, the hairpiece become loose, unlike the Ultragraft™ Process that is fused directly to the scalp.

Why is the Ultragraft™ Process the most popular non-surgical Choice?

  • Ultragraft™ Process does not grow loose from your scalp.
  • Ultragraft™ Process requires no daily maintenance.
  • Ultragraft™ Process looks and feels like a natural head of hair.

Where can I see and feel the Ultragraft™ Process in person

Hair Technologies™ are one of the many Ultragraft™ Process affiliates located worldwide. Each center has been carefully selected based on stringent criteria including professional reputation, application proficiency, experience and client satisfaction data.

If you are interested in learning more about this procedure please contact Hair Technologies™ to schedule an appointment.


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