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Micro Point Link

Micro Point Link™

It is totally safe, and truly strand by strand.

Micro Point Link™ (MPL) is at the forefront of the technological revolution. If you are one of the millions of men and women unsatisfied living life with thinning hair, you are no longer without a viable option.

The most attractive feature about Micro Point LinkTM is that it's not a cover-up or a drastic hair replacement option; it's something that literally becomes a part you.

MPL is hair that has been prepared to be compatible with your own. One to four strands of hair are linked to a single strand of your own growing hair.

You'll have a new head of natural-looking hair 400% thicker in a matter of an hour.

This revolutionary process can be repeated hundreds of times to potentially give those who qualify thousands of new strands of hair.

Think about that, how would you benefit from having thousands of additional hairs to comb brush and style?

There are no restrictions on activities. You do not have to alter your lifestyle a bit. In fact, with a great looking, fuller head of hair you may even find that you'll want to be more active than you are now.

Your initial consultation is without obligation. We first need to analyze your situation in a private, one-on-one consultation to see if you are indeed a candidate for MPL. If you are indeed a candidate, your investment fee can be as low as $100, depending on the actual amount of hair that we add. Your exact investment and goals for your hair can be determined at the time of your consultation.

Don't waste any more time with alternatives you're not satisfied with. Micro Point Link™ involves NO Drugs, Transplants, Bonds, Tapes, Clips, Weaves, or Hair Integrations or Systems.

Micro Point Link™ won't just change your life... it will change the way you look in life!

If you are interested in learning more about this procedure please contact Hair Technologies™ to schedule an appointment.


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